It’s possible to transform school food

School Food Focus is the national collaborative that ignites change in our food system by transforming the way school food is produced and purchased so that every child in the U.S. — regardless of income or race — has access to healthy school meals.

All children deserve healthy school meals

More than 31 million children rely on public school meals for their daily nutrition. For many, school meals are their only source of healthy food. Yet, our school food system is significantly under-resourced and far too dependent on highly processed, cheap food.

We use purchasing power to ignite change

We collaborate across the supply chain to leverage school purchasing power and increase the production of healthy food choices. In this way, we’re reimagining school meals to support the health of our children, our local economies and our environment.

How We Work

We leverage the influence of public institutions

Our new recipe for human and environmental health joins the power of schools and hospitals.


We’ve inspired 60 healthy school food products

Working with school districts and food suppliers, we’ve helped reformulate and create new nutritious products for school purchase — from poultry raised with responsible antibiotic use to a more wholesome bean burrito.

Focus on the Plate

We’re reinventing school meals from coast to coast



Join us!

With your partnership, we can transform school food and create a healthier future for all children.

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