Focus districts are powering food procurement change

We support school food leaders with tools and resources to build demand for healthy food. Through national and regional learning labs, we connect school food leaders and school districts to learn from each other and collectively leverage their purchasing power. The labs provide a forum for sharing purchasing practices and bid specifications, as well as a way for working together to source more regional products or demand higher quality protein or healthier options on the commodity market.

Focus also links the labs with food producers and processors to spur the creation of healthy products that meet market demand and school districts’ specific needs. The collective purchasing power of the labs helps drive school food change.

Focus learning labs include:

  • Focus National is comprised of some of the largest school districts across the country, representing over 4,700 schools.
  • Focus Midwest is made up of six of the largest school districts in the Midwest, representing over 1,000 schools.
  • Focus South is comprised of six school districts in the South, representing over 700 schools.
  • Focus California brings together public school districts and hospitals to leverage their combined purchasing power to create healthier food choices for the well-being of children, patients and families. Learn More

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