Schools spend $1 billion dollars on poultry every year

It is essential that we use these dollars wisely to purchase poultry that supports health — from farm to fork. The problem is that most poultry production in this country relies heavily on the overuse of antibiotics. This overuse of antibiotics is recognized as a public health hazard, as it leads to antibiotic resistance, which renders many essential medicines ineffective when we and our kids need it the most.

We believe our kids deserve better. That’s why School Food Focus has been helping schools obtain No Antibiotic Ever (NAE) chicken. However, NAE poultry is not widely available nor affordable for most school districts to serve regularly, leaving conventionally produced poultry as their only option.

School Food Focus created the Certified Responsible Antibiotic Use (CRAU) standard to replace conventionally produced poultry and strengthen our schools’ power to purchase products that are healthier for children and the planet. CRAU eliminates the overuse of medically important antibiotics and provides an essential level of transparency and accountability lacking in the school food market.

CRAU is a first step in transforming the way poultry is produced in this country, laying a solid foundation for responsible production practices. Join us in encouraging every poultry producer to improve the standards of poultry production in this country and support all schools in their efforts to purchase a better chicken for our kids.

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