• The Cost of School Lunch

    How much does a school lunch really cost? How is the money spent?Download

  • School Food and Children's Wellness

    Our food system, from production to consumption, shapes the food choices for our children. As the American diet has shifted towards more processed, high-fat, high-sugar foods, the health of our children has suffered. Learn how school food has the power to create a culture healthy eating.Download

  • Federal Policies and Programs Overview

    A primer on federal legislation, agencies, programs and initiatives that affect school food.Download

  • Key Actors in School Food Policy and Programs

    An overview of the roles and responsibilities of various players involved in school food, from Congress and USDA to state agencies to school districts.Download

  • Making the Case for Procurement

    Learn how procurement can create opportunities for healthier food on the school plate and transform our food system.Download

  • Competitive Bidding in School Food Procurement: Decoding 7 C.F.R. 3016.36-Procurement

    Competitive bidding is federally regulated process that ensures that a school district and bidders have an objective process that is free of arbitrary action or influence. Learn the differences between informal and formal procurement methods.Download

  • The Power of Procurement Data

    Use procurement data to understand school spending behaviors and identify opportunities for leveraging demand. Learn how tracking procurement can help formulate strategies and goals for transforming school food.Download

  • Collecting and Organizing Procurement Data

    School districts have different methods for recording procurement data. Data management platforms used by school districts, distributors and state agencies all generate different reports that require manual work to organize in a single repository. Learn different approaches to data collection with this helpful resource.Download

  • Finding Food Item Fact Sheets

    Learn how to food item find fact sheets online that provide nutritional details and ingredient lists for school food. These can supplement the information provided by school districts.Download