Cross-sector collaboration between school districts and hospitals

ProCureWorks is a joint initiative of School Food Focus and Health Care Without Harm. This cross-sector collaboration engages six California school districts representing over 560 schools, and eight California health care systems with over 55 member hospitals. ProCureWorks catalyzes food system change through the prioritization, development, delivery and service of healthy, sustainable and regional food items in communities of high need across California. ProCureWorks wields over $100 million in purchasing power and has its sights set on beef, grain, and poultry.

ProCureWorks is the first step in demonstrating how our established relationships with regional and national manufacturers has the potential to impact national supply chains and benefit school districts and hospitals in communities across the United States.

  • School districts and hospitals are integral to the transformation of the food system

    Schools and hospitals are major purchasers of goods and services in our communities. They are institutions rooted in place holding significant investments in real estate and social capital, are large employers, and are oriented toward community health goals. ProCureWorks is a new recipe for human and environmental health!

  • ProCureWorks Guidelines for Food Products

    See the procurement guidelines for 2017.

  • ProCureWorks Product Portfolio

    ProCureWorks products are available for purchase. We are always adding new products, check back often!

  • Thank you to our funders

    ProCureWorks is made possible by the support of our generous funders: Kaiser Permanente, Panta Rhea Foundation, The San Francisco Foundation and W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

  • Join Us!

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