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    • Eating Our Peas and Carrots: Strategies for Expanding K-12 Access to Fruits and Vegetables through Supply Chain Innovation  This FOCUS report details the dynamics that influence the use of fruits and vegetables in K-12 settings and the supply chains that currently provide produce to the large, urban school districts of the Upper Midwest Regional Learning Lab.  The analysis highlights strategies to expand these districts’ access to affordable, quality produce, with a focus on opportunities for investment by philanthropic organizations.
    • Produce Request for Information The historic procurement data of the Upper Midwest Regional Learning Lab was used to inform deliberations and create a Request for Information (RFI). With a primary interest in regionally grown fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, the RFI targets both Grade A product and cosmetically imperfect seconds (or “unsized non-Grade A” produce). The latter is typically produce that is perfectly edible and of high quality but does not meet the prevailing market standards for size, shape, color or other cosmetic attributes. We are excited to share this RFI with our stakeholders.
  • School Food 101:A series of educational briefs designed to explain various aspects of school food for a wide audience, including parents, teachers, legislators, and journalists.